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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 03 Gardening for Pollinators - Kelly Leask
Feb 06 Growing Indoor Edibles - Dave Hanson
Feb 11 Identification of Submerged and Floating Freshwater Macrophytes in Manitoba with Dr. Eva Pip
Mar 06 Red River College Greenhouse Tour - Ruth Rob
Mar 17 Volunteer Registration for Gardening Saturday
Mar 18 Gardening Saturday Registration (Gardens Manitoba Members Only)
Mar 18 Gardening Saturday Registration (General Public)
Apr 03 Edible Flowers - Dr. Eva Pip
May 01 The New Perennial Garden:Naturalist Garden Design
Jun 05 Growing Mushrooms - Tom Nagy
Sep 05 Guerrilla Gardening - Darek Yarnell
Oct 02 Gardens Manitoba AGM 2017
Oct 10 East Kildonan Garden Club presents Birding in Manitoba
Oct 11 Charleswood Garden Club Gardening for Pollinators presenter – Kelly Leask, Prairie Originals
Oct 12 Emerging Alumni Lectureship Presented by Suzy Melo and Meaghan Hunter
Oct 14 Garden Harvest Storage (and making preserves)
Oct 14 Sara Williams on Heirloom Plants and Horticultural Pioneers Presentation
Oct 16 Sara Williams on Iceland: Violets and Volcanoes, Gardens and Glaciers, Lupines, Larch and Lava
Oct 17 Sara Williams on Heritage Plants followed by Monet’s Garden (Silver Collection)
Oct 18 NatureTalks: Why Grasslands Matter
Oct 19 Sara Williams on Xeriscape
Oct 21 Fall Dormant Seeding (and putting the garden to rest)
Oct 21 Sara Williams on Perennials: Basics and Beyond
Oct 28 Setting up a Successful Indoor Garden
Nov 04 Growing Sprouts and Greens
Nov 06 Permaculture Techniques - Rebekah & Lynne Vickery
Nov 08 A-Z's of Growing Spectacular Hot Peppers
Nov 09 Monthly Meeting of the Bonsai Society of Winnipeg
Nov 18 Growing Carnivorous Plants
Nov 19 From Seed to Seed Premiere Screening
Nov 19 Manitoba Orchid Society Monthly Meeting
Nov 20 Herb Society Annual Christmas Celebration
Nov 21 West Kildonan Horticultural Society AGM
Nov 25 House Plant Check-Up
Nov 30 Still Bloomin’ Gardening Club
Dec 02 2018 Seeds (Getting a Jump on Spring)
Dec 09 Growing Orchids
Dec 11 Gardens Manitoba's Annual Holiday Potluck
Dec 13 Charleswood Garden Club Monthly Meeting
Dec 16 10 Things I Learned From Vintage Garden Books
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